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AFL Season Preview

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Brisbane Lions

What about the lions?Jonathon Brown begins business in April ths year as opposed to the middle of May last year which is a huge bonus. Simon Black, Michael Voss and Jason Akermanis etc. are still there and damaging and give punters every reason to believe they will push the competition again. Mitchell Clark can walk straight into this team in the forward pocket and will prove to be a handful, as he looks to be a precocious youngster.

The Question mark: How seasoned are the young up and comers like Drummond, McDonald, Adcock, Attard can they be trusted when on the big stage in finals? In any other team you would want another year, but with so many role models and inspirational players to look up too I think this process will be fast-tracked. The Lions can will be a threat this year if they can keep most of there players on the park.

Western Bulldogs

What about the Dogs. Definitely a team on the rise that's reknowned for it's quality movement of the ball. A team that will benefit from the new kick-in rules as they are very comfortable with Coast-to-Coast like goals.

What's the question mark. How will they go without there leader Luke Darcy. Again he has done another AC joint to see him out for another year. Where will Chris Grant play?

Naturally this team will improve again but they will have to find a strong marking target up forward to see the season out in front. I would have like to have seen them make the eight last year for the experience.

 This is a team capable of beating anyone on there day. Adam Cooney and to a lesser extent Ryan Griffen add so much to this team, if they personally can back up there stellar years last year the top four beckons for the Dogs as they have enough quality in there line-up to get them there.


What's good about the Tigers- They had a very good year last year winning 11 games and only missed the eight by a breath. A good year given most pundits where expecting much less. Brett Delidio is a very capable player and is a utility that gives the Tigers flexibility. Nathan Brown is back and only has to be half the player to make an impact such is his quality. The midfield is probably the Tigers best asset with great ball winners in Kane Johnson, Mark Coughlan and the like.

Question mark- Do they have enough gorillas in the backline to hold the good teams?

I see the Tigers as an improving team with some very solid players in important areas. I am predicting they will go well this year given that this team has lacked success and will draw alot of motivation from that. They have taken the right steps to get themselves together and it looks well worth it. They have the team and motivation to make the eight. They might be a darkhorse early on capturing a few of the big guns off their guards in opening fixtures. This is a good team with an axe to grind for mine that spells danger.


What about the Dockers- They have a good blend of youth an experience to suggest the time is now for this group of footballers. They have much to achieve so expect them to be very hungry this year. They found a way to win on the road last year which is a good sign of a maturing team. Josh Carr's inclusion into this team gives them further stability.

The Question Mark- Alot of there good players offer their side similar output. Ie. Paul Hasleby, Peter Bell and Josh Carr are all good durable midfielders. But they haven't a player like a Mark Riccuito, a James Hird or Cameron Bruce type that can offer them something different. Can there midfielders give them enough on the scoreboard as they do the statistics columns.

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