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Disclosure of Potential Interest and Disclaimer

Any advice that is issued in this site is on the basis that:

  1. The tips are based on information contained in the newspapers, information providers such as Racing Victoria (acceptances/nominations), and the ideas of Tim McDonnell and is designed as a prompt for punters to implement into their day of punting.
  2. The recommendations made are generally based on a short term view, and may be inappropriate for certain types of punters. 
  3. No representation, warranty or undertaking is given or made in relation to the accuracy of information contained in this document

Save for any statutory liability that cannot be excluded, The Big Australian Punter, Tim McDonnell and associates shall not be liable (whether in negligence or otherwise) for any error or inaccuracy in, or omission from, this advice or any resulting loss suffered by the recipient or any other person.

The Big Australian Punter assumes no obligation to update this advice or correct any inaccuracy which may become apparent after it is given. Ie. Change in weather, obvious track bias etc.

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