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Welcome to The Big Australian Punter website. We are a Horse Racing & Sports Orientated guide built to provide sharp analysis, latest information, competitions and more.

One of our more sharper tools in the shed is our Racing Analyst: Tim McDonnell. He provides us with his Analysis on the Melbourne Horse Racing scene, breaking down each race and providing us with his selections and thoughts from a Professional Punter viewing point. You can read about his work for members by clicking on this link here and if you want to know if he's any good, we've reviewed his work recently and the results are here to view.

Tim has also compiled an e-book titling Modern Day Professional Punting and for those interested on how to profit on modern day horse racing please read on.

Why Modern Horse Racing Requires a New Betting Approach


For the serious Professional Punter, there are many factors to consider when we are considering whether to make a bet. Form, track bias, and race positioning all play their part, but it is often the internal factors - those within your own control - that can make the difference between winning or losing as well.

Modern-day racing is a far cry from the racing we witnessed fifteen or even twenty years ago. The sport of Horse Racing has become so professional that one must take a similar professional attitude in to the betting ring.

While the judgement of a horse's ability remains a major criteria for success. There are many “race specific” factors that one needs to consider to make any significant on-going profits.

  • Race positioning – this is of paramount importance and something I have studied over many years – I provide all my insights and strategies on all racing positions (leading, boxseating, racing off the rail) and the impact it is having on the modern race.
  • Track bias - what is it, how does it affect the race, and what betting opportunities develop because of it?
  • How to best use the betting types available based on where a particular horse runs in a race or particular patterns of a horse (ie. grinding horse, small sharp sprint)?
  • How to best relate and profit from these race specific factors to our Professional punting and bookmaking?


And that's just the Horse Racing side of things...

Do we know what type of bet we should place for maximum winnings - and why?

When it comes to betting, we also need to consider in a general sense:

  • When is it better to bet for the win, the place and/or eachway?
  • How much, and when, should we play the exotics (Trifecta's, Quinella's, etc.)?
  • The revolution of punters playing bookmaker is here and we should take advantage- all my strategies on successful laying are here.
  • What betting options are available?
  • Who has best odds and how do we get them?

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Tips to Improve Your Play

Tim outlines his Fundamentals he goes through in preparing each tip, subscribe to the Website and find out immediately the Process to becoming a better punter!
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