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2018: 20%

2017: 13%

2016: 12%

2015: 1%

2014: 9%

2013: 9%

2012: 5%

2011: 22%

2010: 17%

2009: 25%

2008: 10% (Smaller Sample)

2007: 37% (Smaller Sample)








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For the smart professional horse racing punter, as a form of investment with such a strong supply of betting products in the marketplace presently, the opportunity to profit has never been greater. Add to that more than 95% of the punting market don't study the horses full time. So not only can a professional punter take advantage of the greater supply of betting products that are available, which in effect closes the small gap between bookmaker and punter, but one can still take advantage of investing against an uneducated marketplace.

Horse Racing is forever evolutionary, in that the horses, the races, the participants and conditions are changing all the time and if you are not on top of all the information required to make informed investments then you make it hard for yourself to consistently break-even on horse-racing let alone profit. But there is no laws against using the brains and resources of others, and that's where we come in!

Providing an investment service with Horse Racing as the main vehicle is nothing new, but proving to be consistently profitable for members should get you thinking that we are more than just a tough name! Punting and betting on horse racing is a challenge that we all love, we just like to make it more enjoyable for you by simply winning more for you. More than that we take it a step further and present ourselves to anyone who is simply just interested in making an extra income. Make sure you read around the site and get an idea about our performance, read below to view more about our recent performance, and check out our member's page for full details.





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* Membership

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* So Who are Australia's Bigger Punters

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*Melbourne Cup Forecast 2016

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* Modern Day Professional Punting

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* Melbourne Cup System

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* Tip Strategy & Philosophy

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