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Membership Performance


Profit on Turnover Quoted

2019: 18% Profit on Turnover

2018: 20% Profit on Turnover

2017:13% Profit on Turnover

2016: 12% Profit on Turnover

2015: 1% Profit on Turnover

2014 :9% Profit on Turnover

2013: 9% Profit on Turnover

2012:5% Profit on Turnover

2011: 22% Profit on Turnover

2010: 17% Profit on Turnover

2009: 25% Profit on Turnover (note smaller sample)

2008: 10% Profit on Turnover (note smaller sample)

2007: 37% Profit on Turnover (note smaller sample)


Note each year we provide a greater number of investment opportunities





Recent Testimonials


" Thanks for the recent wins I have won my membership back ten fold since signing up "

Terry French, Carlton


"Super effort mate, with Whiskey & Rye at Ballarat. I got $34 about him.

Thanks again mate."

Heath Pope.


"Some nice priced winners on the weekend mate. I'm starting to build up a nice wife think's I'm a genius"

Matt Ryan.




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If you wish to improve your financial position through a successful short-term investment alternative with a long term view or are looking for a genuine punting edge then you should read below about our membership.


We are embarking on our Thirteen year in 2020 and we are more than proud of our efforts to provide members with a positive means of Investment and an enjoyable way of following Horse Racing in Australia.

Over a good period of time we have proven to members and the industry that our results are very hard to match. And we are motivated to continue along the successful path we have driven thus far.

Each Member is individually emailed Tim McDonnell's Recommended Investments with plenty of time to invest or consider investment. It is emailed in a bi-weekly format. A Midweek and Weekend report.

Any profit on turnover of 10% or over with this form of investment is considered outstanding. We have achieved on average +12% for the last 12 years.




The Big Australian Punter




"Interested clients should look to purchase a Membership as a means to consistently profit from our Horse racing Based means of Investment. "

Tim McDonnell



Why Us & This Form of Investment?


We are a short-term investment alternative. Which simply means that returns from investments can be realised much quicker than say investment in Property or Growth Shares.


We can be compared to those that trade in Shares, where similar Short-term gains are realised with the objective of gaining long-term sucess.


The competitive advantages of investing into a (Horse Racing-based) membership is that we don’t need market support and intelligence necessarlily to profit like you do with Share Trading. In Shares if you may have a great opinion on a particular share, but if this view is not supported by the market you don’t improve your position. We can profit irrespective of what the market thinks, because our Profiting is not determined by predicting the demand and supply, or simply put the marketplace. Our determinant of profit is based purely on intelligence, market intelligence in Horse Racing is just a means of further profiting on successful recommendations.





We recommend all of our Racing Members to take particular notice of our recommened investments. Investments are provided when we believe members will be investing to long-term advantage with the prospect of short-term gains. You can view our YTD Statistics and above as well as a sample of our winners to the side of the webpage. We recommend to follow with a staking plan, we provide you with an "INVESTMENT GUIDE" on how best to follow our investments, so we've done all the work for you. This comes with all memberships, trial and general memberships.







Each New Member is provided with an Investment Guide, on how to use the reports and recommended bets as a means of investment. For further enquiry follow the contact us form below or you can get started today by choosing a membership below to suit your needs.




Membership Options




All Investments (Midweek & Weekend)




6 MONTHS $1100


12 MONTHS $2100


Request Direct Deposit details here Contact Us .




I am looking foward to having a lot of success with you, become a member by choosing a membership below that suits you above.

Tim McDonnell




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IF you have any queries don't hesitate to ask. Complete a Contact Us Form.



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